We, ‘ADHIACON’ established in 1988, design and manufactures the customer need based Pollution control systems both in Water and Air Pollution problems. We manufacture Water Treatment Systems including Softener, Iron remover, Demineraliser.

ADHIACON’S contribution in saving thousands of victims of arsenic poisoning from physical and social disability and finally slow death is highly appreciated in India and abroad.

Their turn key execution of Community Based Decentralized Self Sustained Rural Arsenic Safe Drinking Water Purification and Supply Projects in India and Bangladesh are not only Low Cost to the Self Help Group but also generating employment and income for the youths and spreading awareness towards conservation and thrifty use of this scarce natural resources water.

ADHIACON’S design & execution of Effluent Treatment Plants keep objective of Environment Protection & industry friendliness ahead of profit maximization.

ADHIACON’S unquestionable contribution in protecting the environment and serving the poor and needy earned them appreciation from high reputes like President of People Republic of Bangladesh and blessings from Blessed Mother Teresa.

We always offer product or services which is specific and optimum for the requirement of the client. In case of water treatment / drinking water project we suggest plant and machinery specific to the raw water to be treated , and the product mix the client would like to have depending on local market and many other conditions.

Similarly in case of Effluent treatment , the treatment requirement varies from industry to industry and even within the industry it varies on the effluent generation rate and volume . In case of Water chilling it depends on specific cooling requirement , rate of heat generation and many more factors . Similarly for Oil Cooler the hydraulic oil specification , rate of generation of heat and ambient temperature. These are only a few examples of our offer based on years of innovative experience to provide best solution to the client at a most economic package.

We being the Industrial trouble shooter are considered by the industries as “Friend in Need” and had served from Agro based industry to Textile industry inclusive Dairy,Drinking Water(packaged), Dye & Dye intermediates, Educational Institutions, Engineering, Jute, Lubrication, Pharmaceuticals , Petroleum, Safe Drinking Water for Rural Community, Silk, Tannery and so on.

In our activities in the Environmental Protection , our objective is to make pollution control activities so customer/ users friendly and economic ,so that industry will never feel it socially unproductive. We have been instrumental in providing effective solutions to a large number of water related problems. As a result we have been able to develop a huge customer base across this sub continent. We are also providing self employment generating water purification projects with our own purification technologies so that our youths also contribute positively towards easing the alarming drinking water situation.

Our infrastructure facility is capacious, large and equipped with the latest hi-tech machines and segregated into different departments that aid in the completion of the production processes. We also have a Quality-control unit, wherein the products are quality-tested right from the stage of materials procurement till the stage of final dispatch. We have required infrastructures to manufacture and also assemble the regular and customer need based innovative items. Where ever necessary we carry out trials and test run to ensure a fail safe performance at the clients site.

We have required Laboratory to carry out analytical test and also to continue Research & Development activities in the field of Water Purification. With such multi disciplinary operations, suitable manpower as “the right man for the right job” makes us score over others.

Our Research and Development unit is operated under the expert guidance of our able researchers and analysts who are constantly engaged in conducting data research activities to enhance the features of our existing products. These researches also enable them to innovate new line of products and help us to identify our strengths.

The professionals in this department become aware of the various water borne problems faced by our client’s and provide effective solutions for the same. All the researched data is documented and referred to in future activities.

It is noteworthy that since 2001 ADHIACON has been approached by many multinationals and research entities from developed countries to collaboration for further contribution to the industry and society to improve quality of life.

Our client’s are highly satisfied with our products owing to the superior quality features and have been providing their fellow industries our reference which speaks more than any of our expression on quality assurance. The required assemblies and systems are quality-tested in our In-house Quality control drive under the supervision of our expert Quality controllers. The materials used are also sourced from the certified vendors of the country. We also deliver these on time without any over commitment and surpass the expectations of our client’s.

We have been fortunate to have a team of dedicated professionals who are highly qualified and have the requisite experience to handle the intricacies of this domain. They work in mutual co-ordination with each other and quality-test our range at all stages of production.

Our dedicated suppliers of the BOF components and proprietary items being integrated in the system also work as a team when ever any support service is necessary.

We have become the most preferred choice of our client’s owing to the following reasons:

• Support and availability of world class knowledge
• Customization
• Timely delivery
• Qualitative approach
• Competitive prices
• And finally an post sales training and services.