The Effluent Treatment Plants and systems offered by us are designed in compliance with set industrial standards. These systems helps in treating the effluent coming from different areas of the plant. The treatment of varies with type of effluent. Our range of effluent treatment systems are used in most of the factories and are precision designed to effectively solve the environmental pollution problem created by waste water of a company.

Effluent Treatment Plants & Turnkey Projects


The motto of Adhiacon is to make environment protection a desired and friendly approach from the industry. This is only possible is the pollution control systems are made users’ friendly and less capital intensive and with low running expenses.

Adhiacon is constantly working in this line and have provided most cost efficient effluent treatment systems and plant for many small and medium industries in Textiles, Jute, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Dairy etc.

Adhiacon takes care from designing, supply of equipment like Bar Screen, Flash Mixer, Clariflocculator, Clarifier, Dosing Pump, Jet mixing system, Aerator, Bio reactor, ENVIRONTEX Filter for BOD-COD removal & colors, Effluent Pump, Sludge pump etc and take up turn key execution of the projects.

Environtex Filter


Environtex filter is the most users friendly tertiary treatment for textile dye effluent and the result of years of research in this field. Due to dynamic market condition it is very difficult to keep the quantitative and qualitative product mix constant and this affects seriously , even with the industries sincere intention , the efficiency of the effluent treatment plant as constant monitoring and immediate change in the different chemical dosing are very difficult and seldom followed in the industry.

Advantages of Environtex Filter :
• It does not require any chemical dosing & frequent recharging of the process.
• It does not require electricity.
• It is the most environment friendly filtration process especially developed for Textile Wet    Processing.
• It is very users’ friendly and only maintenance required is scheduled back washing.
• It reduces the BOD & COD level and takes care of the day to day variation.
• It removes color and odor.
• It reduces TSS ( Total Suspended Solids)
• It does not affects the pH of the effluent.

High Speed Floating Aerator


Adhiacon provides High Speed Floating Aerators for aeration of large volume of effluent and aeration lagoons where construction of Civil structures are of design constraint and uneconomic.

High speed Floating Aerators having a special advantage where effluent discharge volume varies greatly and there is a possibility of effluent level difference in the aeration tank / lagoon.

It could be used as Mixer as well as aerator. Improve design provide higher mixing zone, highest aeration zone & oxygen supply for aeration.

Since there is no civil structure required for our high speed floating aerator, installation and commissioning takes only a few hours.

Electro Magnetic Dosing Pump


These pumps are controlled by an Electronic Circuit comprising of PCB & electronic components of proven quality for high reliability with following features:
• Solenoid driven aided by Professional Pulser Circuitry.
• Glandless & leakage free diaphragm pumps
• Excellent proportional control with higher turn down ratio
• Adjustable injection frequency ( 100 SPM)
• Adjustable volume displacement via Stroke Length adjustment
• Corrosion resistant GFPP Housing
• Unique spacer design for prevention of Chemical entry to drive end
• Teflon faced Hypalon Diaphragm for long lasting service
• Liquid ends – Polypropylene ( PVC / SS316/PTFE as optional)
• Very low power consumption
• Less foot print and less weight
• Suction lift upto 1.5 m WC
• Steady state accuracy +/- 3%
• Capacity: From 2 LPH (at 10 KG/CM2) to 12 LPH (at 2 kg/CM2)

Motor Driven Electro Magnetic Dosing Pump


Reciprocating type Mechanically actuated diaphragm dosing pumps are driven by a 0.5 HP, 1440 RPM Squirrel Cage induction motor (415 V/3 phase/50 Hz AC power supply) having following features:
• Mechanically actuated Diaphragm
• High precision balls and seal rings for accuracy
• Manual flow control, adjustable while running through stroke length adjustment knob
• Composite PTFE Hypalon Diaphragm for long life
• Worm Shaft & worm wheel driven by motor
• Liquid end construction in PP ( SS 316 / PVC / TEFLON optional )
• Light weight aluminum alloy body
• Less foot print
• Steady state accuracy +/- 2%
• Turn down ratio 10:1
• Capacities: Maximum 35 LPH (at 10 kg/cm2) to Max. 100 LPH (at 5 kg/cm2)