Our water purification systems are indispensable in their large scale application. With our own patented process development we have provided many community based safe drinking water purification system which are highly income generating and provide employment to many self help groups. We provide highly customized systems to adjust to their purification needs and quality levels. Designed and fabricated using the best raw material and components, our systems are extremely efficient and durable. Our turnkey solutions, turnkey project service are accomplished in a well-defined and planned manner.

Safe Drinking Water Turnkey Project


Earth surface comprises of 70% water and 30% land area. Out of this abundance of water resources only 0.78% is available to us as fresh water which can be used for drinking.It has been predicted that world will face drinking water shortage by more than 40% within this decade(2011- 2020).

Supply of safe and purified drinking water will be a major area of social marketing and not only serve community towards good health but also generate considerable profit and employment in the process. This has become more significant in view of deteriorating water quality with contamination with inorganic compound of arsenic and fluoride having severe health risk on prolong drinking of contaminated water.

Adhiacon is recognized for its contribution in social sector of establishing many community based income generating safe drinking water supply projects at a fraction of a cost of setting up packaged drinking water projects.

Single module of such project with high return on investment (ROI) can cater the need of 5000 people and also discharge its social responsibility.
Safe Drinking Water Turnkey Project – Community Packaged Drinking Water Project

Solar Oxidation Arsenic Removal System


Adhiacon always strive towards utilization of nature to the benefit of living being and their effort in arsenic removal has also utilizes the solar radiation towards arsenic removal form ground water at no recurring cost. The system is effectively working as pretreatment system in Community based arsenic removal projects in West Bengal.

Arsenic Removal & Mitigation Projects

Arsenic contamination of ground water (drinking water) is considered to be worst environmental disaster in the 20th and 21 st Century where more than 30 million people are at risk of arsenic poisoning from drinking arsenic contaminated water all over world and specifically in Eastern India and Bangladesh.

Adhiacon developed a very users friendly arsenic removal system which has been implemented in many districts in Bangladesh and West Bengal as Self Sustaining Decentralised Community based Arsenic Free Drinking Water Supply projects in schools , through self help groups and Co-operatives.

Packaged Drinking Water Project – Plants & Machinery


We are involved in offering a wide range of Packaged Drinking Water Plant to our most valued clients. Our water plants are not only ideal to remove contamination such as bacteria, virus, suspended matters, harmful minerals like fluoride, arsenic & lead and excessive dissolved salts of calcium, magnesium & sodium. Further, these are also able to remove levels of volatile organic chemicals but also in accordance to the Research findings of World Health Organisation on Drinking Water for good health. We make this type of commercial plant for any water condition throughout India. Our range of Package Drinking Water Plant is widely appreciated by our clients which are situated in India and abroad.

Our Project & Products are not only very much cost competitive but also designed to provide unmatched water quality which are appreciated by the renowned Public Health Engineers.